Glasstress: White Light / White Heat Contemporary artists and glass

Quantum Prayer by Oksana Mas was chosen as the main work of the exhibition White Lite/White Hit, the third edition of Glasstress at Venice Biennale.

Glasstress video

"The idea of my work and the title came from my current interest of studying the quantum physics. It became a sort of my hobby. Actually, everybody can see that today a lot of people  start to think differently.  And in this case, the Quantum Prayer, the word “prayer” does not refers to the religious meaning.  Rather, it’s talks to an all-pervading consciousness.  I was sure that crystal pure glass would show the scheme of purification and penetration in everything that exists so I gave it a title “Quantum Prayer”.

I think this work completely expressed my idea through these three materials:  aluminum, silica and glass.  The glass played the major role, when we started to pour it over the engine.  The glass began to fuse the engine and the engine dripped like water.

The same I observe in life.  When a person has pure thoughts, when he is honest with himself and with others, when he really lives in a positive stream of consciousness - there are no limits for him.  I think this is the philosophy of the third millennium as it is.  We all have to become better and think like there are no boundaries for us.

In my work, the glass won over the metal which was my concept.  It is a prayer, any prayer, true and honest - it penetrated and melted the metal.  Working with the glass represented an overcoming of material things.  That’s why I called my work Quantum Prayer.  It meant that I had to change myself to start to think in the glass."

The organizer of the project - Mironova International Art Group.  First Ukrainian company established to create the concepts and complex project management in the field of art.  With extensive contacts in the international cultural sector, Mironova International Art Group is ready to take on any project - from a protracted reorganization of urban history into modern art clusters, until the publication of catalogs of artists.

International Cultural Foundation UART became an official sponsor of the project.

UART's goal is to promote ukrainian art abroad improving countries' image, implementing its main mission - cultural diplomacy.  Foundation projects demonstrate the potential of the ukrainian artists, combining intellectual and creative efforts for the preservation and enhancement of the cultural heritage of Ukraine.

Auction Neumeister, Munich

December, 5 in Munich at the sales of the small auction house “Neumeister” were represented few works of Oksana Mas. The wheel from the series “Constitution” as well as the floor Sphere. The works are created in the famous author's technique, using wooden bases. Rudolf Neumeister conducted his first sale as an auctioneer in 1958.  All areas of art  – from medieval sculptures and classical painting to faience, furniture, carpets and contemporary design – are appraised and valued by experts in the appropriate field. Neumeister’s success is linked with great names and it enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. Oksana Mas is the first Ukrainian artist, who highlights Ukrainian contemporary art at this auction.

The Wallace Collection, London

Work from the Glasstress collateral event at the 55th International La Biennale di Venezia (2013) travels to London College of Fashion and The Wallace Collection as part of a two-venue exhibition curated by James Putnam, a Senior Research Fellow at London College of Fashion. In a unique collaboration between the Berengo Studio, Venice Projects, London College of Fashion and the Wallace Collection, Glasstress: White Light | White Heat presents the newly commissioned work of some of today’s most important contemporary artists, most of whom worked in glass for the first time. At the anniversary 55th forum, Oksana Mas offers a new intellectual work “Quantum Prayer” which for the first time combines two independent materials – glass and metal. Red, blue, amber and white objects are the machine engines and underwent modifications with the beautiful, noble, unique Murano glass. The Venice exhibition saw sixty-five artists responding to the theme of light and heat, the components of fire, the fundamental elements involved in the formation of the universe and also the essence of glassblowing. Light is integral to our perception of glass, while heat is required to shape it.
London venues and dates
December 2013 –  February 2014
The Wallace Collection, Hertford House, Manchester Square, London, W1U 3BN